Welcome to Hotel Elaïs Kinshasa

Your oasis in the middle of Kinshasa, welcome!

Hotel Elais is one of the most recognisable hotels in Kinshasa. It’s not just a place to sleep while you are on vacation/holiday/business trip – it’s your dream place to immerse into atmosphere of relaxation, freedom and lots of entertainment. We cater the first-class services on each level – luxury hotel rooms, great services, restaurants and, of course, the best hotel staff. For your relaxation with an unforgettable time, our surrounding natural calm makes sure you enjoy it.

Hotel Elais is nestled in an oasis of calm and of 2.2 hectares of greenery, in the heart of the Congolese capital, near the head offices of large companies, ministries, banks.

You can safely leave your vehicle in a 70-places secured car park.